“Live a life with no set of rules & regulations, but with a simplicity,
integrity and dignity will definitely bring out
the best in you and you will achieve what you dreamt of.”

Laxman Vyas

A renowned Artist and Sculptor

“Lakshya Racheyata”

Laxman Vyas

B.F.A. ( Sculpture ) Rajasthan University, Jaipur.

Laxman Vyas born in 1978, according age he have lot of great experience in sculpture art, he is running own studio from last 10 years in Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA. Laxman Vyas is a renowned bronze sculpture artist around the world. He is practicing this art for last 10 years. He is sole responsible for the Clay work, Plaster of Paris Dye work, Lost wax process for Bronze sculpture, metal casting , welding , grinding , finishing works etc. He made more than 10 large size statues and more then 60 bust size statues in bronze. At present, he is working on more then 17 feet full size statue of Rav Shekha ji and Teja ji Maharaj for Rajasthan. He can make statue of any size in Bronze. Mr laxman Vyas works in bronze, stone, concrete, plaster and clay. He has expert knowledge in all aspects of designing, molding, and casting as well as creating just the right finish for each bronze.